Westminster Christian Academy's Preschool (Early Childhood Education Center) exists to serve the Clear Lake community by providing a loving, nurturing environment that focuses on preparing students to meet the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive challenges of structured learning experiences and to introduce them to the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ through the teaching of God's Word.

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Academic Levels

Westminster Christian Academy offers a variety of classes for preschool students in our Early Childhood Education Center. Our school is designed to offer area parents a true pre-school environment for children ages two to four years old where students acquire the basic skills needed for their later schooling, in a safe and nurturing Christian environment.

Our program is designed as a kindergarten readiness program, focusing on number awareness and recognition, letter recognition and phonemic awareness, and the behavior skills and self-control needed for elementary schooling. Class sizes vary from 7-11 students per classroom, depending upon age level.


It is necessary for all students entering PK3 and PK4 to be potty trained before school starts. Potty trained students should no longer wear diapers or pull-ups, they are able to tell the teacher when they need to go to the bathroom and they can attend to their own hygiene. If your child is entering PK3 or PK4 and they are not potty trained, please inform the director to discuss options.

Our 18 month curriculum involves exposing these young students to all areas of early education. We have a daily “circle time” in which we regularly review :

  • Letters (names and sounds)
  • Numbers (counting, recognition, one to one ratio counting and in English, Spanish and Japanese)
  • Colors (11 basic colors introduced by games)
  • Shapes (9 basic shapes introduced by games)

We introduce the students to routines and schedules to provide them with security and predictability.  Our daily schedule includes large motor skill time in the gym and playground, circle time, centers,   music, books, snacks, lunch, and the most important … Bible time in which children are introduced to the Bible as God's word. They learn of creation, Christ's Birth, death and resurrection and many other truths. We love to partner with the parents in teaching their children about the world around them and the God Who created it.  All of this wrapped in love for the individual child as we help them discover that they are precious in His sight.

Pre-K 2 uses monthly themes to introduce and enhance concepts and skills in Bible, Language, Literature, Math and Science. Learning is accomplished through teacher directed activities, center based activities, and free play to ensure each child’s learning style is met. Teacher directed circle time discusses the weather, calendar, Bible verse, counting, alphabet, phonics, story time and songs. Center based learning gives teachers the opportunity to work one on one with each child and meet them at their skill level. Self-help skills such as independent eating, hand washing, cleaning and potty-training are achieved in the classroom. Finally, activities and our daily routine will introduce and encourage social skills such as taking turns, obeying rules, and expressing emotions properly.

The 3 year old program is center based. We build centers around monthly themes and subjects such as science, math, dramatic play, literacy, writing and block play.  Our day is divided with periods of small group instruction such as  teaching table, large group activities such as circle time and music and movement, as well as times of independent play in the various centers and free choice activities.  As a christian school, we incorporate the teaching of christian principles through daily Bible stories, a monthly memory verse, and crafts. Our students are encouraged to work toward becoming  independent, developing  healthy physical and social skills and to be challenged academically and spiritually.

The Pre-K Four Program helps to prepare  students for Kindergarten.  The students are  introduced  to  learning  concepts such as raising their hands to talk, "give me 5",  using words not actions when they disagree and helping to lengthen their attention span. We  work to develop all parts of the student: mental , physical, social, emotional and spiritual.  Developing good oral language skills, math concepts and phonics are important skills that are taught.  Many students are reading by the end of the year.  Child directed centers help the student to practice new skills and to model positive behavior. Centers include Art, Reading, Writing, Math and Science, Construction and Dramatic Play. A large part of learning at this age  is done "playing" in these centers.

We have a strong Biblical content. The major stories of both Old and New Testaments are discussed. God's love for them is the overriding theme.  Verses from the Bible are learned weekly.

Field trips are another important part of the Pre-K Four Program. We will go on 3-4  trips during the year.

Program Schedules

We have a two main program schedules, including three or five day a week half-day programs from 8:30-12 all the way to full care hours from 6:30am through 6:00pm. Full time classes provide parents in the Bay Area with a day care alternative, including the same content as our regular preschool classes in an environment that extends the love and nurture of the home throughout the school day.  We have a year round program and a school year program.  See corresponding fee schedules below.

Track A

Track A follows a traditional academic calendar and does not include summer care. Before and after school care is available to Track A students for an additional fee.

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Track A follows the Academy School Calendar. 

Track B

Track B is our year-round program and includes before adn after school care, summers, and most holiday breaks)

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  • 3 Days in the middle of August, just prior to the beginning of the start of the new school year for WCA’s academy.  This time is used for teacher training and to prepare classrooms.
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving - (Thursday and Friday)
  • Christmas - (the 25th and one other day)
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter - (Good Friday and the Monday after Easter)
  • Memorial Day
  • 2 Days at the end of May or the beginning of June (end of Academy school year) to transition rooms and schedules for summer.